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EZCORP® Expands Credit Reporting Service to Help More Customers Build Credit

May 15, 2006

EZCORP, Inc. (NASDAQ: EZPW) announced that it is expanding its partnership with PRBC® credit reporting service to all of its EZMONEY® stores.

Last November, Texas and Florida EZMONEY Loan Services stores began offering to report their customers' loan payment history to PRBC, a national credit bureau. The customer's participation in the program is elective. Customer interest in the service has been high, with a significant proportion of customers choosing to have their payment history reported to PRBC. As a result, EZCORP will expand the service to all of its 263 EZMONEY locations.

Traditional credit bureaus do not track or score payments of all loans including those offered or brokered by EZMONEY. This history, along with other payment histories a customer may report to PRBC, creates a PRBC Bill Payment Score(SM) (BPS(SM)). This BPS can be used to supplement a traditional credit report and score, or, used in the absence of such a score to gain a more complete and accurate assessment of a customer's creditworthiness. Neither EZCORP nor PRBC charge the customer a fee to enroll in payment reporting, or to view their PRBC data.

Commenting on the program, Joe Rotunda, EZCORP's President and CEO, stated, "We are excited about the high level of interest in PRBC to date, and the opportunity to better serve our customers by helping them establish or rebuild their credit.

Michael Nathans, Chairman and CEO of PRBC, added, "It is a valuable community economic development service when a business reports its customers' timely payments to a credit bureau such as PRBC. I am delighted that EZCORP is interested in actively helping their customers use PRBC to supplement their traditional credit reports and scores."

EZCORP is a lender or provider of credit services to individuals who do not have cash resources or access to credit to meet their short-term cash needs. In 281 EZPAWN locations, the Company offers non-recourse loans collateralized by tangible personal property, commonly knows as pawn loans. At these locations, the Company also sells merchandise, primarily collateral forfeited from its pawn lending operations, to consumers looking for good value. In 263 EZMONEY locations and 83 EZPAWN locations, the Company offers short-term non-collateralized loans, often referred to as payday loans, or fee-based credit services to customers seeking loans.

PRBC, a national credit bureau with a community economic development mission, is supported with a grant from the Ford Foundation and by Tier I Data Subscribers that include Citimortgage, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. PRBC is guided by an Advisory Board and a Technical Steering Committee that includes consumer advocates, educators, faith-based leaders, and industry professionals. PRBC's service is powered and secured by IBM, and can be accessed at .

   Contact:  John Kissick
             VP of Strategic Development

             Matthew Vitko
             Director of Business Development
             410-280-0048 x203


CONTACT: John Kissick, VP of Strategic Development of EZCORP, Inc.,
+1-512-314-3320, or ; or Matthew Vitko, Director of
Business Development of PRBC, +1-410-280-0048, ext. 203, or

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